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Jamie’s Walk for Ukrainian Refugees

by CMS Team on 09 April, 2024

Our Senior Account Manager, Jamie Hall has set himself a formidable challenge: walking 1,227 miles, the exact length of the land border between Russia and Ukraine. A test of determination and endurance, Jamie is walking some 10 miles a day in the UK; approximately 4 hours and 20,000 steps.

Milestone Achieved: 713 out of 1,227 miles

Days into Challenge: 77 out of 120

Average Daily Steps: 19,471

The Cause: Standing with Ukrainian Refugees

The backdrop to Jamie’s walk is a sobering reality: 6.3 million individuals displaced from Ukraine, seeking refuge from conflict. As the world’s attention shifts, the needs of these refugees persist. Jamie’s efforts benefit the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC), which unites 15 UK aid charities, including renowned organisations like Oxfam and Save the Children, to provide critical support in crises.

How You Can Help?

Please support this cause by donating through the link below. If you’re unable to contribute financially, sharing this story on social media can also make a significant difference.

Support Jamie’s Walk for Ukrainian Refugees

Your contribution can bring essential aid to those in need:

£30 provides essential hygiene supplies for three people for a month.

£50 secures blankets for four families, offering warmth and comfort.

£100 ensures emergency food for two families for one month.

Donate here

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