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CMS’s client 4GD featured in The Times and Daily Mail

by CMS Team on 30 May, 2022

4GD has developed SimStriker humanoid robotic targets. SimStriker represents a new generation of intelligent training adversary and constitutes a step forward in urban warfare  training. SimStriker has been featured in major UK media outlets, including The Times and Daily Mail.

4GD’s SimStrikers can communicate with each other in different languages, including shouting and screaming in Russian. The SimStrikers also have the ability to rotate and face troops as they enter buildings.  SimStriker is set to add a layer of tactical performance analysis to 4GD’s flagship SmartFacility currently in service with the 16 Air Assault Brigade in Colchester.

The SimStrikers can be integrated into 4GD’s synthetic environment to introduce a virtual world to the SmartFacility where the target appears as a digital avatar as well as a physical adversary. When linked, real-life actions are reflected in the 3D environment so, when a SimStriker is engaged and drops, the avatar inside the simulation does so too, and vice versa.

A soldier’s effectiveness on the battlefield ultimately depends on how well they have been trained. 4GD are harnessing  technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and  Virtual Reality to facilitate a new approach to military training.

Full coverage by The Times is available here, and by the Daily Mail here.

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