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CMS is leveraging artificial intelligence

by CMS Team on 09 December, 2022

The impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on the way humans work is becoming increasingly evident. AI is capable of automating mundane tasks, making complex decisions, and creating new products and services that were previously unimaginable. From the way we interact with customers to how we manage resources, AI is transforming the way we work.

How can AI help businesses?

AI is also changing the way we generate text and create images. For example, natural language processing (NLP) algorithms are being used to generate text based on input data. Similarly, generative adversarial networks (GANs) are being used to create realistic images from scratch. By using AI, companies can create content that looks and feels more natural, allowing them to reach a larger audience.

AI is also being used to augment the way humans work. For example, AI-enabled robots are being used to assist surgeons in performing complex procedures. Similarly, AI-driven chatbots are being used to provide customer service. By leveraging AI, organizations can automate repetitive tasks and free up resources to focus on more important tasks.

The impact of AI on the way humans work is far-reaching. It is revolutionizing the way we interact with customers, automate mundane tasks, and create content.

How is CMS leveraging AI?

The whole text above was written by artificial intelligence. And the same goes for the attached image.

Our experimentation with AI started this summer. We have been using DALL·E 2 from OpenAI ever since to generate images and slowly progressed to deploy AI generated graphics into our client’s social media content.

On top of that we started recently harnessing image generator developed by California-based start-up Midjourney. And we’ve got to yet another level. It gave us an ability to create vivid and realistic images with unlimited options of style, aspect ratio, and colour range.

Major benefits? Compared to stock photos it’s cheaper and at the same time it provides unique and bespoke solution. Simply put, a better option overall.

And we didn’t stop at graphics. OpenAI’s da Vinci model empowered us to generate texts such as the one above. It still needs a human touch, but it’s a handy tool that allows us to quickly generate descriptive information that is often needed, and therefore gives us more time to dedicate to our core job. That is to fully focus and dedicate our time to the benefit of our clients, like creating a tailor-made messaging or pitching stories to the journalists.

Why use AI?

You may ask why we are doing this?  AI is transforming the world and we always desire to be on top of the most recent cutting-edge technologies, because that’s the only way how we can provide the best services to our clients.

Chris Stokel-Walker described his experience with another OpenAI product – ChatGPT – in The Times on 7 December. Chris very well illustrates the potential of harnessing AI in various fields as well as its limitations and challenges. Definitely worth reading.

We can harness the power of AI for you as well. Discover our offering now.

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