Whatever Happened to Western Diplomacy?

1 May 2014 – I know all too well that the Obama administration has failed to live up to expectations;¬†many believe there is very little to show (with the possible exception of ‘Obamacare’) for the six years the incumbent’s administration has been in office. True, there has been some effort to ensure that one day the nation lives within its means but one can hardly ignore the fact that America looks weary and increasingly weak.

This situation is in great part down to a lack of leadership from the executive office but it is also a reflection of US politics. Admittedly the Republicans have not exactly covered themselves in glory recently either: their record over the last six years is even more desolate than the miserable eight years that they spent occupying the White House previously.It is tragic, with so many geopolitical issues currently causing consternation throughout the world, that the only US voice in terms of international diplomacy that commands any respect is John Kerry.

The efforts of Mr Kerry (and possibly William Hague) apart, one is forced to wonder; what is going on in the west!? Have we lost sight of the strategies, objectives and threats which define us? Where is the voice of NATO and the United Nations? Have diplomatic norms, foreign policy objectives and our moral principles all been sacrificed at the high altar of fiscal austerity?Whatever happened to the once excellent voice of strength that America offered in terms of world events, which was frequently shared by it allies? Indeed, whatever happened to the European diplomatic community?

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